The offspring sired by Deutschmeister and produced from a variety of types of mares, score extremely well at the Oldenburg Inspections every year.
Deutschmeister has sired many successful dressage horses, show hunters, show jumpers and three day eventers in his years of stallion duties.
Deutschmeister consistently passes on his elegant body type, extravagant movement and a temperament that is wonderful to work with.
He is known for the ease with which his offspring can be trained. As a result, he has sired many horses that compete successfully year after year for their amateur riders.
He has sired several horses that have dramatically changed their competitive focus mid-career. These horses have proven to be equally successful in the dressage arena as well as the hunter ring.
The changes in these particular horses lives were merely a reflection of the priority of their current owner or rider, while at the same time showing the versatility of Deutschmeister's sons and daughters.
If you would like to view young stock by Deutschmeister, check the horses for sale on our web site or call the farm at any time to come and view or find out about other horses that we have available but are not yet listed.

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Deutschmeister has the highest percentage of his premium foals with scores of 8.5 or better in the Oldenburg ISR Registry.



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